Meet the TEAM

Tony Blackwell

  • Tony’s father Ivor originally founded the company as Ivor Blackwell Commercials Tony brings to the team a wealth of experience gained over many years in the industry

Paul Brailsford

General Manager
  • Paul has been with the us right from the start, setting the company up from scratch with Ivor He is very passionate about the business, and ensures the smooth running of day to day operations

Tom Croft

Engineering Manager
  • Tom has also been with us right from the start, and played a crucial role in the start up Tom is committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction, turning their needs into a reality

Naomi Croft

Finance Manager
  • Naomi joined the business soon after start up and has taken control of all aspects of finance Naomi ensures the smooth running of the operation, so everyone else can function to their full potential